Security Compliance

Nowadays online privacy is more important than ever.In today’s modern world with the internet presence of businesses skyrocketing, it’s important to maintain proper security protocol to safeguard the personal information and privacy of yourself,  your business, your staff and your customers. The websites designed by inConcert comply with both the Mass Privacy laws and also comply with PCI rules when producing eCommerce websites. Read the rest of this entry »

Meta Tags; Say What?

Meta Keywords

You cannot get high ranking with meta tags.

What is the fascination with the Keyword Meta Tag? In November of 2008 I wrote a blog about Meta Tags. I figured by now, clients would have stopped asking for “Keywords” or “Meta Tags”, or at least for the reason’s that they do. I find that people ask me about meta tags solely for the purpose of ranking high on Google. For some reason, perhaps just lingering rumor, folks think that meta tags help rankings, this is not the case. Let me restate that, “You cannot get high ranking with meta tags”. The primary reason for this is that Google doesn’t care about it. Even Google told us that in September of 2009. Here is a video from Matt Cutts of Google, you can see the proof for yourself. Read the rest of this entry »

NFL Comebacks and Google Rankings

NFL Comebacks and Google Rankings

What can we learn from yesterday's NFL Comebacks?

What can we learn from yesterday’s NFL comebacks, specifically the New England Patriots implosion to the Buffalo Bills (34-31), as it pertains to your website ranking on Google? One Thing! It can happen if you are persistent and consistent. Google Rankings are much like a football game; you make mistakes which may result in you losing your number 1 position on Google for a specific search term. That is okay – so long as you don’t panic. The end game is what matters and much like football, if you can execute you can put a win in the win column.

How so you say… Read the rest of this entry »