Canonical URLS: Normalization of URLS by Greg

Canonical URLsIn 2005 at the International Conference on Computational Sciences and its Applications there was an article published titled, “On URL Normalization” by Sang Ho Lee, Sung Jin Kim, and Seok Hoo Hong.  This article discussed how a search engine spider can miss a lot of information on a site due to dynamic content which is displayed using the same page for numerous pages.  So they devised steps to turn these URLs into canonical URLs.  This gave webmasters a way of preventing search engines from finding duplicate content when the same information is being displayed from 2 or more pages on a website.  As well as give a website the ability to mark a page as unique because of some extra variables in the URL.  Allowing the search engines to take the Canonical URL tags and suggest that it bypass a page due to it being duplicated on another page, or highlight a page and make sure it gets crawled. Read the rest of this entry »