Brainstorming – Essential for Finding the Right Solution


Kickstart Your Next Brainstorming Session

Some clients come to us with a clear vision of what they want their final project to look like; some even bring in sketches, reference images or brainstorming notes. But sometimes clients like to leave the whole creative process to our design team, which is perfectly fine as well. Either way the client and/or our design team (and sometimes both of us together) should have a brainstorming session to get some ideas flowing about what direction the design should go in. Here are a few things to keep in mind when brainstorming for your next project (actually…keep these tips in mind for any type of brainstorming session!) Read the rest of this entry »

Design Phase vs. Coding Phase, Why Can’t They Just Be One?

If you’ve done business with inConcert, you know that we have a solid process in place to create our new website projects. We inform every prospective client about our process and why we have one in place (basically…it’s saves us time and saves you money). Our process is made up of 75 steps to ensure we don’t miss anything, however, we have broken down this process into a more generalized list to easier explain what needs to be done when creating your new site. These five general steps are: The Defining Phase, Design Phase, Coding and Buildout Phase, Testing and Deployment Phase, and Maintenance and Marketing Phase. (To view detailed descriptions of each phase, please click here). Each phase is just as important as the one before and the one after, yet clients often don’t understand the reasoning behind the separation between design and coding. Read the rest of this entry »