Browser Statistics – April 2012

Browser Statistics
Browser Statistics – April 2012

The web browser statistics have been released through April 2012. The stats are published monthly at

Below are the web browser stats for April 2012.

2012 IE9 IE8 IE7 IE6
January 5.3% 10.5% 3.1% 1.1%
February 5.7% 10.2% 2.6% 1.0%
March 6.1% 9.4% 2.5% 0.9%
April 6.4% 8.8% 2.3% 0.7%
2012 Firefox Chrome Safari Opera
January 37.1% 35.3% 4.3% 2.4%
February 36.6% 36.3% 4.5% 2.3%
March 36.3% 37.3% 4.4% 2.3%
April 35.8% 38.3% 4.5% 2.3%

In summary, people who use Internet Explorer seem to all be upgrading to the newest version, which isn’t very surprising if you think about it. They probably get upgrade prompts all the time. Among the other browsers, Chrome is maintaining a firm lead and increasing by a solid percentage point every month, while Safari and Opera are hovering at their respective percentages. Firefox is really the only browser here that is becoming less popular.

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