Content Strategy – Step III: Content Resource Assessment

Now that you’ve determined your Key Content Theme, you need to figure out how you’re going to create all that content:

  • Who’s going to be writing the content?
  • Where’s the information for it coming from?
    • “Tribal knowledge” – the collective wisdom and experience of individual employees that may exist only in their heads
    • Existing literature – in-house as well as public sources such as other websites & trade magazines
  • Who’s going to gather and manage the information – the writer, the project manager, someone else?

Your content will only be as good as the information used to create it, so proper planning is important. Time and money is easily wasted if someone is not paying attention to where information is coming from, how current and accurate it is, and if it’s legal to use it.

Jim Schakenbach

Jim Schakenbach partners with inConcert Web Solutions to provide writing services for website pages and blog articles. He has over 25 years of writing and marketing communications experience in broadcast and the advertising industry. With a degree in journalism from Washington & Lee University and a career as a journalist, copywriter, and ad agency principal, Jim brings both real life experience and a depth and breadth of knowledge that enables him to write effectively and confidently about a wide range of subjects and industries.

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